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  • Kellie Dodds

Streamlining Operations for SME Professional Cleaning Services. Virtual Assistant

Updated: Jan 22

Virtual Assistant Support to Streamline Operations for a SME Cleaning Services Firm

The Director of a Professional Cleaning Services firm found themselves juggling numerous responsibilities, overwhelmed by a burgeoning to-do list. Seeking a solution, the director engaged in comprehensive pick-and-mix support, designed to address a spectrum of roles and responsibilities on an as-needed basis.

Solution: The strategic outsourcing approach encompassed versatile virtual assistant support as and when needed, covering areas such as recruitment, staff management, client account management, payments, client relations, branding, research, tender management, and general administration.

Implementation: With a tailored time investment of 8 hours per month, the Director leveraged the versatility of pick-and-mix support to efficiently address diverse roles, ensuring a focused and streamlined operational approach.

Outcome: Empowered by the strategic outsourcing approach, the Director achieved a transformative result—operating in a focused manner while relying on support precisely when needed. This not only instilled a greater level of comfort for staff and clients but also provided a stable operational foundation, allowing the company to redirect efforts towards new business development.

By leveraging versatile pick-and-mix support, the Director successfully managed multiple responsibilities, fostering a more focused and efficient operational environment conducive to growth and development.

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