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  • Kellie Dodds

Start Up Support: Empowering a Start-Up's Journey from Inception to Exit

Updated: Jan 20

Supporting Start Ups from Inception to Exit

In the dynamic realm of Information Services, a 14-person start-up faced the pivotal challenge of expanding its business and validating its model while safeguarding its founders focus on core skills. The founders were determined to navigate this crucial phase without being burdened by the day-to-day operational challenges of the business.

Solution: Comprehensive Outsourcing for Operational Excellence

The solution unfolded through outsourcing, where a multifaceted approach was adopted to address various operational facets. Services encompassing project management, remote staff management, operations, research, business development, client account management, credit control, and reporting were provided by me as and when needed.

Implementation: Tailored Support Ranging from 0 to 60 Hours Weekly

The flexibility of outsourcing was exemplified by the tailored support ranging from 0 to 60 hours per week. This approach ensured that the start-up received support precisely when and where it was needed, allowing the founders to focus on their core skill sets without the distraction of day-to-day operational challenges.

Result: Seamless Business Functions from Inception to Exit

By strategically outsourcing a spectrum of business functions, the founders were supported seamlessly from the inception of the start-up to its successful exit. This approach not only optimised operational efficiency but also allowed the start-up to thrive and evolve under the guidance of its founders.

By entrusting various operational responsibilities to my external expertise, the start-up achieved sustained support, allowing the founders to focus on strategic growth, innovation, and ultimately, a successful exit from the market.


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