Support for Executive Search Firms


Whilst I support executive search firms and have 20+ years' international experience, Complement is not a standalone executive search service.

I provide a workable, high quality, and reliable solution for executive search firms of all sizes when they need to temporarily increase their bandwidth.


I am an extra pair of hands during busy periods and my clients access my support on an as and when needed basis.

Following a no-obligation free trial, pricing is based on a mutually workable pro-rated per hour rate.

I support searches across all sectors and geographies.

Mapping Support

I can provide - 

Full Talent Map

A complete map of the active and passive talent pool (for each candidate I am typically asked to provide – candidate name, online profile, current company, geography, contact details, biography).

Partial Mapping

Support to identify potential candidates – online profiles only as a starting point for your internal team.

Search Support

The provision of complex Boolean searches for your in-house team to work from and replicate.

Mapping Presentation

Taking internal notes and maps to a professional, interactive presentation for client meetings.

Mapping Updates

Complementing your internal resource to check and update existing maps on a quarterly, half-yearly, annual or as and when needed basis.

Outreach & Screening

I can provide - 


Working from a talent map, I make a discreet and confidential outreach to potential hires, asking for an expression of interest in speaking with my client regarding future career moves.


I share only as much information with the potential hires as I have been given permission to do so.


Outreach complements the internal resource of my clients, allowing them to receive a list of warm potential hires, interested in continuing a conversation for a future move.


My clients save time and resources in working with a pre-screened list of potential hires.  My clients then take over the interview process, working with only the candidates with the highest potential.

Back-office Support

Should you have your search requirements covered, I also offer a full suite of back-office support.


Whilst you support your clients, I can support you in the areas of -

  • Executive Assistance

  • Business Development

  • Procurement

  • Client Account Management

  • Credit Control

  • Research

  • Operations

  • Human Resources

  • Bid Management


"exceptional senior researcher"


No obligation free trial to test the fit against your needs.


Available whenever you could use an ad-hoc extra pair of hands to increase your bandwidth.


No retainers. No pre-payments. No minimum spend commitment.

Pay only for what you need, when you need it.


To keep things simple, ALL services are provided at the same highly competitive per minute rate.

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