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  • Kellie Dodds

Streamlined Leadership: Enhancing Focus for SME Internet Company's CMO via a Virtual Assistant

Updated: Jan 22

Virtual Assistant Support for Internet Company

In the fast-paced realm of a growing Internet Company, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) found themselves inundated with daily emails and LinkedIn connection requests, diverting attention from core responsibilities.

Solution: To optimise the CMO's focus and productivity, a strategic solution was implemented—Executive Virtual Assistant (EA/VA) support to triage emails and connection requests each morning before the CMO began their daily tasks.

Implementation: With a dedicated time investment of 15-30 minutes per day, I efficiently managed the influx of communications, ensuring the CMO started each day with a meticulously organised inbox.

Outcome: Empowered by the strategic outsourcing approach, the CMO was able to arrive at the office with an organised inbox and primed to tackle the main priorities of the day. This not only streamlined daily operations but also enhanced the CMO's ability to focus on strategic leadership responsibilities.

By leveraging my expert EA support, the CMO achieved enhanced efficiency, ensuring a focused and organised start to each day, vital for success in the dynamic landscape of the internet industry.


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