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  • Kellie Dodds

Strategic Efficiency Amplified: Empowering CEO Leadership for SME Marketing Company via a Virtual Assistant

Updated: Jan 22

Virtual Assistant Empowers CEO

Amidst a phase of robust growth and the pursuit of additional investment, the CEO of a thriving Marketing Company sought strategic support for diary management and meeting arrangements.

Solution: To enhance efficiency and optimise the CEO's focus, my Executive Virtual Assistant (EA/VA) support was introduced to handle the intricacies of liaising with third parties for meeting arrangements and facilitation.

Implementation: With a lean time investment of 3 hours per month, I efficiently managed the coordination of meetings, freeing up valuable CEO time for more strategic activities aligned with their core skillset.

Outcome: Empowered by the outsourcing approach, the CEO experienced a transformative result—outsourcing tasks enabled a redirected focus on activities closely aligned with their expertise. This not only streamlined daily operations but also positioned the CEO for success in steering the company through a phase of significant growth and investment.

By leveraging my expert EA support, the CEO achieved enhanced focus, allowing for more strategic and impactful contributions during a crucial phase of expansion.


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