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  • Kellie Dodds

Streamlining Offshore Project Team Formation for Boutique International Trade Consultancy - Freelance Researcher Support

Updated: Jan 19

boutique consulting firm benefitting from freelance research support

Objective: A boutique consulting firm specialising in international trade with a team of 5 people faced the need to swiftly assemble a project team for a short-term offshore engagement.

Challenge: Building an effective project team within a limited timeframe.

Solution: To address the challenge, the firm opted for a research-driven approach to identify qualified freelance consultants operating in the destination country. This involved my dedicated research support aimed at swiftly connecting with potential candidates who could contribute to the project.

Implementation: In just 1 hour, the team used my research support services to identify and reach out to qualified freelance consultants in the target country. The Managing Partner spearheaded the initiative, leveraging my research skills.

Outcome: The results were remarkable. The Managing Partner successfully connected with the identified freelance consultants, introducing them to the unique opportunity at hand. As a direct outcome of this streamlined process, three highly qualified consultants were seamlessly added to the project team.


  1. Time Efficiency: The solution significantly reduced the time spent on the team formation process, enabling quick mobilisation for the offshore engagement.

  2. Quality Candidates: Leveraging research support ensured that only qualified and relevant freelance consultants were approached, enhancing the overall quality of the project team.

  3. Seamless Integration: The efficient process facilitated by the research support led to the smooth integration of three additional members into the project team.

Conclusion: By adopting a targeted research approach to identify and connect with freelance consultants, the boutique consulting firm overcame the challenge of building a project team swiftly and efficiently. The strategic use of research support in talent acquisition for short-term engagements, showcased the firm's agility and commitment to delivering high-quality international trade consulting services.


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