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  • Kellie Dodds

Elevating Capacity Through Expert Manager Business Development Mapping

Updated: Jan 22

Elevating Capacity Through Expert Manager Business Development Mapping

Case Study: Independent Transformation Consultant

Balancing business development with ongoing project commitments posed a challenge for the consultant, prompting the need for a strategic solution.

Solution: In a bid to optimise business development efforts without compromising project engagement, the consultant engaged in Business Development Mapping Support—a strategic initiative to streamline lead generation and conversion.

Implementation: A focused 10-hour investment in Business Development Mapping yielded impressive results:

  • Leads Created: 84

  • Conversion Rate: 80%

Outcome: Empowered by the strategic outsourcing approach, the consultant achieved a remarkable 80% conversion rate on the leads generated. The result was a seamless transition between projects, eliminating downtime and ensuring continuous business momentum.

By leveraging my expertise as a business development manager, and experiences in business development mapping, the consultant not only generated a substantial number of leads but also achieved a high conversion rate, thereby maintaining an uninterrupted workflow and business continuity.


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