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  • Kellie Dodds

Strategic Outsourcing for Freelance Researcher Unveils Market Insights: Enhancing Financial Software Solutions Worldwide

Updated: Jan 22

Freelance Researcher Support for SME Software Firm

In the expansive domain of financial software solutions, a leading SME with over 1000 employees aimed to delve into the unmet needs of finance professionals across diverse geographies.

Solution: Swift and Targeted Outreach through Strategic Outsourcing Support

The solution materialised through my meticulous mapping and outreach support to finance professionals in various companies and geographies, all accomplished within an efficient time frame.

Implementation: Mapping 500 Individuals in 88 Hours for Informed Dialogue

My focused effort as a freelance researcher spanning 88 hours resulted in the identification of 500 finance professionals. From this pool, the client engaged with a representative sample, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the diverse perspectives within the field.

Outcome: In-depth insight into Unmet Needs of Finance Professionals

The outcome was significant. By strategically outsourcing the mapping and outreach process to me, the client gained valuable insights into the unmet needs of finance professionals worldwide. This informed understanding positioned the financial software provider to tailor their solutions to address specific challenges, fostering a more responsive and user-centric approach.

The swift and targeted outreach enabled the client to unravel the nuanced needs of finance professionals globally, showcasing how outsourcing can be a catalyst for refining and advancing solutions in a rapidly evolving industry.


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