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  • Kellie Dodds

Strategic Insights Unleashed: Elevating Retail Management Consultant through Expert Collaboration

Updated: Jan 22

retail improvement

Case Study: Independent Retail Consultant

Faced with delivering impactful suggestions for retail improvement, an Independent Retail Management Consultant sought to gain expertise in a specific topic, constrained by budget limitations and sporadic demand.

Solution: In a move to access specialised knowledge without ongoing costs, the consultant engaged in my research support for the identification of experts willing to contribute insights to the project.

Implementation: In a concise 5-hour investment, the consultant was supported in efficiently identifying and connecting with experts in the field, paving the way for invaluable knowledge transfer and collaboration.

Outcome: The consultant, equipped with newfound insights from industry experts, delivered impactful suggestions for retail improvement to their client. This outsourcing approach not only optimised the budget but also enriched the consultant's expertise.

This case study illuminates how strategic outsourcing to identify and engage experts redefines the consultancy landscape, enabling independent consultants to access specialised knowledge efficiently and deliver enhanced value to their clients in the dynamic realm of retail.


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