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  • Kellie Dodds

Market Insight Mastery via Freelance Researcher: Transformative Outsourcing in Action for a Software Powerhouse

Updated: Jan 22

Freelance Researcher Support for SME Software Firm

A prominent software firm with over 1000 employees faced the task of understanding how their product aligned with the diverse needs of their user base, including potential users.

Solution: Comprehensive Market Analysis through Strategic Outsourcing

The solution unfolded through the execution of an extensive search, identifying and engaging with 1166 individuals. These individuals were meticulously selected to provide insights into the client's product, fostering a meaningful dialogue that spanned various geographies.

Implementation: 120 Hours Dedicated to Precise Inquiry

An investment of 120 hours of my time as a freelance researcher was strategically allocated to execute this outsourcing initiative. My meticulous approach involved engaging with a percentage of the identified individuals in each geographical area, ensuring a comprehensive and diverse understanding of the market perception of the client's product.

Outcome: Enhanced Market Understanding Across Global Landscapes

The outcome was profound. The client not only gained valuable insights into the perception of their product but also acquired a nuanced understanding of how it resonated with users and potential users across multiple geographies. This comprehensive market analysis made possible through my strategic outsourcing support, positioning the software firm to make informed decisions and refine their product strategy for sustained success.

By tapping into my external expertise, the firm gained an enriched understanding of its product's reception in diverse global markets, showcasing how outsourcing can be a catalyst for informed decision-making and strategic product evolution.

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