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  • Kellie Dodds

Strategic Consultant Unleashes Business Growth Potential for SME Social Media & Branding Company

Updated: Jan 22

Business Growth Support for SME Social Media and Branding Company

In the dynamic landscape of SME social media and branding, a five-member firm faced a common but critical challenge. The Founder encountered difficulty balancing the demands of existing business operations while simultaneously dedicating time to building a robust sales pipeline for the future.

Solution: Empowering the Founder through Strategic Research Support

The solution emerged in the form of outsourcing for a business growth consultant, where my expertise was leveraged to address the Founder's specific challenge. Research support was provided to identify and map a prospective client pool within the local area, freeing up the Founder to focus on crucial sales activities.

Implementation: Efficient Allocation of 7 Hours for Targeted Research

A concise yet impactful investment of 7 hours was allocated to the outsourcing initiative. During this time, my research support played a pivotal role in identifying potential clients, streamlining the process and allowing the Founder to direct their attention to strategic sales initiatives.

Outcome: Amplified Focus on Sales, Unleashing Business Potential

With dedicated research support, the Founder gained the freedom to concentrate on sales efforts without being encumbered by the challenges of market analysis. This streamlined approach facilitated not only the management of existing business but also empowered the Founder to proactively build a sales pipeline for future growth.

By entrusting specific tasks to my external support, the Founder was able to navigate existing business challenges while channelling energy into expanding the business horizon.

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