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  • Kellie Dodds

Strategic Outsourcing Success: Business Growth Consultant a Catalyst for Growth in an SME Marketing Firm

Updated: Jan 22

Business Consultant Growth Support for SME Marketing Firm

Solution: Leveraging External Expertise (Business Growth Consultant) for Increased Bandwidth

In the landscape of SME marketing and advertising, a small yet ambitious firm encountered a pivotal challenge. With only three team members, the Founder grappled with the need for expanded bandwidth to fulfil contractual obligations and simultaneously build a resilient future sales pipeline.

Implementation: Collaborative Outsourcing for Tactical Execution

The solution materialised through outsourcing, harnessing my external expertise to address specific tasks. This collaborative effort honed in on constructing impactful slide decks for a client campaign and executing thorough research to compile a prospective client list for future business initiatives.

A total of 40 hours were dedicated to this outsourcing initiative—an investment that proved to be judicious. The Founder not only met the demands of existing contracts, ensuring their timely completion but also garnered repeat business from satisfied clients. Crucially, this streamlined approach empowered the Founder to seamlessly pivot towards developing new business opportunities, eradicating downtime between contracts.

Outcome: Timely Contract Delivery, Repeat Business, and Future Growth

In essence, the firm's strategic decision to outsource not only addressed immediate needs but also laid the foundation for sustained growth.

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