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  • Kellie Dodds

Business Development Manager Expertise. Elevating Client Expansion Through Expert Lead Generation Mapping

Updated: Jan 22

Business Development Manager support for independent consultant

Case Study: Independent Strategy Consultant

Eager to broaden her client base, the consultant sought a comprehensive understanding of potential clients spread across specific geographies.

Solution: In a strategic move to fuel client expansion, the consultant engaged in my Lead Generation Mapping Support —a desk research initiative to identify companies operating within a defined geography, resulting in the delivery of 86 qualified leads.

Implementation: A 10-hour investment in Lead Generation Mapping not only provided a detailed understanding of potential clients but also strategically positioned the consultant for targeted outreach and engagement.

Outcome: Empowered by the 86 qualified leads, the consultant achieved an impressive 60% conversion rate. This strategic outsourcing not only optimised the client expansion process but also underscored the benefits of leveraging expert lead generation mapping for strategic growth.

By leveraging my expertise as a business development manager and in lead generation mapping, the consultant not only gained valuable insights into potential clients but also achieved a remarkable conversion rate, marking a significant success in her efforts to broaden his consultancy reach.


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