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  • Kellie Dodds

Navigating Consortium Development and Funding Success Through Expert Mapping to Support an Independent Contractor

Updated: Jan 22

Supporting an independent contractor to build a consortium for funding success

Case Study: Independent Technical Consultant

Transitioning from solo endeavours, the independent contractor consultant aspired to form a consortium of stakeholders to propel the development of international standards.

Solution: In a strategic approach to consortium development and funding, the consultant engaged me in multifaceted mapping initiatives support:

  1. Consortium Member Mapping: Desk research to identify potential consortium members.

  2. Finance Mapping: Desk research to pinpoint potential funding sources, including open calls for proposals.

  3. Finance Application: Expert support in drafting the pitch deck and applications for funding.

Implementation: A 40-hour free trial investment allowed for comprehensive mapping and application drafting, laying the foundation for successful consortium development and funding pursuits.

Outcome: The consultant, propelled by my expert mapping support enjoyed a project back on track. The strategic outsourcing not only streamlined the consortium formation process but also positioned the project for funding success, marking a significant catalyst in achieving the consultant's goals.

By leveraging expertise in business and finance mapping, the consultant experienced a revitalised project trajectory and received acclaim for the transformative impact on their endeavours.


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