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Welcome to Complement Data Cleansing, Analysis & Reporting Support for Manufacturing

Maximise the potential of your manufacturing operations with specialised data services. Whether you're embarking on a one-time transformation or seeking ongoing support, my proficiency in data cleansing, analysis, and reporting ensures precise and actionable insights. Enhance your business development, optimise operational efficiency, and achieve cost savings through an adaptable 'as and when needed' support service. Tailored to empower your organisation, my services eliminate the need for dedicated in-house data resources, allowing you to focus on manufacturing excellence.

How does Complement Work

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Free Trial - no obligation free trial to test the fit against your needs.

As and when needed support - available whenever you could use an ad-hoc pair of hands to increase your bandwidth.

Pay as you use - no retainers, no prepayments, no minimum spend commitment. Pay only for what you need when you need it.

Simple per-minute rate - all services are provided at the same highly competitive per-minute rate.

Reclaim your time - cut costs - regain efficiency with business support on demand


Manufacturing firms can benefit significantly from data cleansing, analysis, and reporting leading to improved business development, operational efficiency, and cost savings.


Here are some key areas where I can help you to realise these benefits.

       Customer Segmentation

  • Data Cleansing: Ensure accurate and up-to-date customer data.

  • Analysis: Segment existing customers based on industry, location, purchasing behaviour, and other relevant criteria.

  • Reporting: Generate reports on customer segments, allowing the identification of high-value segments for targeted marketing efforts and tailored business development strategies.

       Market Research & Competitor Analysis

  • Data Analysis: Analyse market trends, competitor performance, and industry benchmarks.

  • Reporting: Generate reports on market opportunities, competitor weaknesses, and industry trends. Use insights to tailor business development strategies that differentiate the company in the market.

        Lead Generation & Prospecting

  • Data Cleansing: Ensure accuracy in lead data by cleaning and updating contact details.

  • Analysis: Analyse historical lead and customer acquisition data to identify effective channels and messaging.

  • Reporting: Generate reports on lead generation performance and conversion rates. Optimise lead generation strategies based on data insights to attract and convert potential clients.

        Customised Marketing Campaigns

  • Data Analysis: Analyse customer behavior and preferences.

  • Reporting: Generate reports on customer preferences and response rates to past marketing campaigns. Use insights to tailor marketing messages and campaigns for specific target audiences.

        Product Development & Innovation

  • Data Analysis: Analyse customer feedback, market demands, and product performance data.

  • Reporting: Generate reports on product performance, customer satisfaction, and market needs. Use insights to inform product development strategies that align with client expectations and market trends.

        Sales Forecasting

  • Data Cleansing: Ensure accuracy in historical sales data.

  • Analysis: Utilise historical sales data to predict future demand and sales patterns.

  • Reporting: Generate reports on sales forecasts to support business development planning. Align production and marketing strategies based on data-driven insights into future demand.

        Customer Relationship Management

  • Data Cleansing: Maintain accurate and updated customer records in the CRM system.

  • Analysis: Analyse customer interactions and feedback stored in the CRM.

  • Reporting: Generate reports on customer engagement, satisfaction, and communication history. Use insights to build stronger relationships with existing clients and identify upselling opportunities.

       Event & Trade Show Planning

  • Data Analysis: Analyse the effectiveness of past participation in events and trade shows.

  • Reporting: Generate reports on ROI from events, lead generation, and client acquisition. Use insights to optimise event participation strategies and maximise exposure to potential clients.

       Sales Performance Analysis

  • Data Analysis: Analyse sales team performance data.

  • Reporting: Generate reports on individual and team sales performance. Use insights to identify high-performing sales strategies and areas for improvement, enhancing overall sales effectiveness.

        Partnership & Collaboration Opportunities

  • Data Analysis: Analyse data on industry partnerships and collaborations.

  • Reporting: Generate reports on the success of past collaborations and partnership initiatives. Use insights to identify potential partners and collaborations that can contribute to business development.

       Quality Control & Defect Reduction

  • Data Cleansing: Ensure accuracy in product and quality control data.

  • Analysis and Reporting: Analyse production data to identify patterns leading to defects. Generate reports on quality metrics to optimise processes, reduce defects, and enhance product quality.

       Supply Chain Optimisation

  • Data Cleansing: Ensure accurate data related to suppliers, inventory, and logistics.

  • Analysis and Reporting: Analyse supply chain data to optimise inventory levels, reduce lead times, and minimise costs. Generate reports on supply chain performance for informed decision-making and enhanced efficiency.

       Predictive Maintenance

  • Data Analysis: Analyse equipment performance data to predict maintenance needs.

  • Reporting: Generate reports on equipment health and performance. Implementing predictive maintenance strategies based on data insights reduces downtime, extends equipment lifespan, and minimises maintenance costs.

       Operational Efficiency

  • Data Cleansing: Ensure accuracy in operational data, such as production schedules and resource allocation.

  • Analysis and Reporting: Analyse production workflows and resource usage. Generate reports on operational efficiency, enabling the identification and elimination of bottlenecks for streamlined processes.

       Energy Efficiency

  • Data Analysis: Analyse energy consumption data in manufacturing processes.

  • Reporting: Generate reports on energy efficiency and consumption patterns. Optimise energy usage to reduce costs and contribute to sustainability goals.

       Cost Reduction & Resource Optimisation

  • Data Cleansing: Ensure accuracy in financial and resource-related data.

  • Analysis and Reporting: Analyse cost-related data to identify areas for optimisation. Generate reports on cost-saving opportunities, enabling manufacturing companies to reduce expenses and improve overall profitability.

       Product Lifecycle Management

  • Data Analysis: Analyse data related to product development, performance, and customer feedback.

  • Reporting: Generate reports on product lifecycle stages, performance, and customer satisfaction. Use insights to refine product development strategies, reduce time-to-market, and enhance customer satisfaction.

       Market Demand & Forecasting

  • Data Analysis: Analyse market trends, customer demand, and sales data.

  • Reporting: Generate reports on market demand and sales forecasts. Align production schedules with market demand, preventing overproduction and reducing excess inventory costs.


  • Data Cleansing: Ensure accuracy in employee-related data for productivity and safety monitoring.

  • Analysis and Reporting: Analyse workforce data to optimise employee productivity and safety. Generate reports on key performance indicators to enhance workplace safety and overall productivity.

Data cleansing, analysis, and reporting are powerful tools for manufacturing companies to drive business development and acquire new clients. By leveraging accurate and actionable data, companies can tailor their strategies, improve customer targeting, and position themselves effectively in the competitive market.

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Thank you for your interest in Complement! I am here to assist you with any questions you may have about my pricing or services. Please provide me with a few details about your business support needs and I will be happy to get in touch.

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