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  • Kellie Dodds

Strategic Outsourcing Triumph: Fortifying Finance Executive Search Amidst Challenges

Updated: Jan 22

Executive Search Support for Finance Headhunters

Case Study: Executive Search Firm - Finance Sector (Team of 3)

Amidst full capacity, the Finance Executive Search team faced a sudden team member unavailability, threatening project timelines.

Solution: To overcome disruptions, the team opted for passive candidate mapping support.

Implementation: In a show of support, 8.5 hours were dedicated to mapping as a free trial, ensuring a seamless transition during the team member's absence.

Outcome: My mapping expertise enabled the team to maintain outreach schedules and interview timelines, ensuring the on-time delivery of the project brief. Outreach message acceptance rates soared to 75%, showcasing the success of this strategic outsourcing approach.

By leveraging expert support, the team not only navigated disruptions seamlessly but also achieved impressive acceptance rates, cementing the triumph of a collaborative and strategic approach to project delivery.


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