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  • Kellie Dodds

Strategic Mapping Unleashes Efficiency: A Triumph for Executive Search Firm

Updated: Jan 19

executive search freelance mapping support

Facing the challenge of managing multiple briefs that stretched the consultants' capacity, the executive search firm sought a solution to streamline their workflow.

Solution: The firm outsourced the comprehensive full mapping strategy to systematically identify potential candidates, freeing up consultants for higher-value tasks.

Implementation: Dedicating 40 hours per brief, the full mapping approach ensured a meticulous identification of potential candidates, laying the groundwork for efficient project execution.

Outcome: Empowered by the strategic mapping initiative, consultants redirected their focus to client account management, business development, and direct candidate outreach. This approach allowed for seamless transitions between projects, optimising efficiency and ensuring timely project deliveries.

This case study underscores the transformative impact of outsourcing strategic mapping, empowering a global executive search firm to navigate complex workflows, enhance client relationships, and drive continuous success.


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