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  • Kellie Dodds

Executive Search. Strategic Screening Excellence: Accelerating Candidate Review for Independent Clerical Recruiter

Updated: Feb 20

Screening Support for Independent Executive Search Firm

Case Study: Independent Clerical Recruiter

An executive search firm owner faced challenges during peak application periods, grappling with the sheer volume of CVs per position and struggling to conduct thorough screenings for each.

Solution: To streamline the screening process and ensure a focus on the most promising candidates, the owner engaged in my support for a strategic CV triage—presenting only the highest quality and most relevant CVs for immediate attention.

Implementation: With a dedicated 3-hour investment, the consultant leveraged my expert support to sift through applications efficiently, providing a curated selection for immediate review.

Outcome: Empowered by the outsourcing approach, the owner could direct swift and focused attention on the most promising candidates. This not only expedited the recruitment process but also enabled the owner to submit resumes to his client promptly.

By leveraging my expertise in CV triage, the owner experienced enhanced efficiency during peak application periods, ensuring a rapid and focused submission of the most qualified candidates to his client.


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