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  • Kellie Dodds

Empowering the Tech-Savvy Independent Executive Search Partner

Updated: Jan 19

Executive Search Support Technology

In his first year of establishing the firm, the Independent Executive Search Partner faced the common challenge of sporadic workloads. While not consistently engaged, he found himself juggling multiple briefs during peak times, leading to a classic hire or not to hire dilemma.

Solution: To address the fluctuating demands, the Executive Search Partner opted for passive candidate mapping support during peak workloads, ensuring a consistent and reliable workflow.

Implementation: Allocating 10 hours per brief, the outsourcing strategy allowed the Partner to efficiently manage multiple projects simultaneously, transforming the sporadic cycle into a more sustainable and productive work dynamic.

Outcome: By leveraging passive candidate mapping support during peak periods, the Executive Search Partner achieved a pivotal shift. He could now accept additional business confidently, as he received ample support to meet the increased demand. The outreach message acceptance rates reached an impressive 60% of those mapped, underscoring the success of the strategic outsourcing approach.

By aligning with an expert during peak times, the Partner not only maintained a consistent workflow but also achieved higher acceptance rates, ultimately enhancing the success and growth trajectory of the firm.


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