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I partner with some very talented companies that share similar values to my own. I would gladly recommend them to you and you may access their websites by clicking on the logos.

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Autism & Neurodiversity Coaching

Autism & Neurodiversity Coaching provides coaching and training sessions that are completely tailored to the individual or organisation. Owned by Ben Holmes, he is a fully qualified Autism practitioner that provides 121 or group coaching sessions for autistic & neurodiverse individuals in person or remotely, and Autism awareness sessions for businesses big or small. 
Business services include leadership & management mentoring or training, staff mentoring, and consultancy services for developing policies and practises.
Ben has firsthand experience of being autistic and neurodiverse. As well as being autistic, he also has ADHD, Dyspraxia, OCD, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, and Depression. 
Other services offered include life coaching and public/motivational speaking. 
For more information please visit the website.



Careers4Change is a specialist recruitment consultancy that connects diverse, purpose-driven individuals with innovative organisations focused on delivering positive social change.

Careers4Change is passionate about identifying the right talented individuals to drive the social purpose ambitions of organisations across the social economy and mainstream business, for the benefit of our communities and the planet.


121mcv Sales and Marketing are a privately owned, outsourced sales and marketing company, with access to various industry sectors.

121mcv have a carefully selected expert team of home-based sales and marketing professionals, servicing clients in UK- Europe and the worldwide.

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