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  • Kellie Dodds

Strategic Outsourcing Unleashes Professional Focus: Empowering an Independent Contractor

Updated: Jan 20

Empowering a Sole Trader Actuary

In the niche realm of actuarial services, a dedicated Independent Contractor Actuary was eager to concentrate on lucrative contract roles but found themselves stretched managing personal and administrative tasks.

Solution: Efficient EA Support for Business and Personal Tasks

The solution materialised through outsourcing, with the actuary enlisting my support for both business and personal tasks as a Virtual Assistant (VA). This comprehensive assistance aimed to alleviate the burden of administrative responsibilities, allowing the actuary to redirect their focus towards fulfilling contractual roles.

Implementation: 20 Hours per Month for Seamless Task Management

A prudent allocation of 20 hours per month was dedicated to this outsourcing initiative. During this time, I efficiently managed a spectrum of tasks, freeing up the actuary's valuable time for more strategic and revenue-generating endeavours.

Result: Directed Focus on Contractual Roles

The outcome was noteworthy. With my support as a VA handling personal and administrative tasks, the Sole Trader Actuary could seamlessly concentrate on fulfilling contractual roles. This strategic outsourcing not only optimised time management but also enhanced the actuary's overall professional productivity.

By entrusting me as a VA with various responsibilities, the actuary was empowered to channel their energy into high-impact contract roles, showcasing how outsourcing can be a game-changer in enhancing professional focus and productivity for solo practitioners.


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