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  • Kellie Dodds

Strategic Outsourcing for a Freelance Researcher Unleashes User Expansion: Elevating a Software Firm's Reach

Updated: Jan 22

Supporting SME Software firms

In the landscape of software development, a thriving SME with over 1000 employees aspired to identify and engage with potential new users for their cutting-edge platform.

Solution: Targeted Outreach and Connection Facilitation through Complement

The strategic solution unfolded as the firm collaborated with Complement, outsourcing the task of identifying and reaching out to several hundred potential business users. Complement, in turn, not only established initial contact with each prospect but also gauged the decision-makers willingness to continue direct discussions with the client.

Implementation: 96 Hours of Focused Outreach for User Expansion

An investment of 96 hours for a freelance researcher was allocated to this outsourcing initiative. During this time, Complement efficiently navigated the identification and initial contact phase, paving the way for meaningful discussions between potential users and the client.

Results: Product Trials Initiated with Enthusiastic New Users

The outcome was remarkable. Numerous potential users expressed eagerness to be connected, resulting in the client successfully placing their product with multiple users on a trial basis. This strategic outsourcing initiative not only expanded the user base but also provided the client with an opportunity to showcase the value of their platform to a wider audience.

By entrusting Complement with the task of targeted outreach, the firm successfully initiated product trials with enthusiastic new users, showcasing how outsourcing can be a catalyst for expanding market reach and fostering meaningful product adoption.


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