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  • Kellie Dodds

Strategic Outsourcing for a Freelance Researcher Unveils Product Perception: Empowering an Operating Systems Titan

Updated: Jan 22

Primary Search Support for Operating Systems SME

An operating systems firm with over 1000 employees sought to gauge the market perception of their product.

Solution: Targeted Engagement with Industry Experts through Outsourcing

The solution involved my reaching out to 750 experts within the field. From this pool, the client engaged in meaningful conversations with a carefully selected percentage, facilitating a comprehensive evaluation of their product's standing in the market.

Implementation: Focused Outreach in 70 Hours for Informed Dialogue

An efficient allocation of 70 hours for a freelance researcher was dedicated to this outsourcing initiative. During this time, the client successfully contacted and engaged with a significant number of experts, ensuring a thorough and insightful exploration of their product's reception.

Outcome: Invaluable Insights Empowering Product Evolution

The outcome was transformative. By strategically outsourcing the engagement with industry experts, the client gained invaluable insights into the market's perception of their operating systems. This informed understanding empowered the firm to make data-driven decisions, refining their product strategies for enhanced competitiveness and user satisfaction.

The targeted engagement with industry experts provided a holistic view of their product's standing, showcasing how outsourcing can be a pivotal tool in steering product evolution and maintaining market relevance.


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