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  • Kellie Dodds

Strategic Excellence: Bridging Knowledge Gaps for Boutique Consulting Firm - Freelance Researcher

Updated: Jan 19

Consulting firm benefiting from freelance researcher support

Case Study: Boutique Consulting Firm - Strategy Consultancy (Team of 3)

In preparation for a crucial client pitch, a boutique consulting firm acknowledged the need for external expertise to reinforce its project capabilities if successfully awarded.

Solution: The firm opted for my freelance researcher support to identify and engage interim consultants with the expertise required to complement the team's internal knowledge gaps.

Implementation: Within a dedicated timeframe of 5 hours, the my research support facilitated the identification and outreach to qualified interim consultants, ensuring a seamless integration of external expertise.

Outcome: Armed with the knowledge and skills of external consultants, the three-person team confidently presented a compelling pitch to their clients. The assurance of additional expertise positioned the firm to secure the project and excel in its successful delivery upon award.

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