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  • Kellie Dodds

Efficiency Unleashed via Data Cleansing Services Support: Streamlining Quotation Processes for a Sole Trader Multi-Tradesman

Updated: Jan 20

Data Cleansing Support for a multi tradesman

A Multi-Tradesman became concerned about the time-consuming nature of generating accurate quotations. Additionally, errors in margin calculations for customer quotes prompted a search for an effective solution.

Solution: Admin and Data Cleansing Services Support Crafting a Dynamic Excel Template

The solution emerged through outsourcing, with my admin support enlisted to design a tailored Excel template. This template automated the application of a standard percentage margin and included VAT calculations, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the quotation process.

Implementation: Swift Enhancement in 15 Minutes

A mere 15 minutes were invested in this outsourcing initiative. During this brief period, the admin support efficiently created an Excel template, revolutionising the quotation process for the sole trader.

Result: Time Savings and Error-Free Quotations

The outcome was remarkable. The Multi-Tradesman experienced significant time savings in the creation of future quotations. Equally noteworthy was the eradication of errors, ensuring that every quote generated was accurate, enhancing professionalism and client trust.

By implementing an automated Excel template, the sole trader not only saved time but also eliminated errors, showcasing how outsourcing can be a catalyst for efficiency and precision in the sole trading landscape.

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