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  • Kellie Dodds

Enjoy the seasonal quieter times

"I think that I have taken on too much, I am working evenings and weekends just to keep up."

"I can’t wait for the summer when things ease off a little and I can finally take a break and regroup."

"Summer is here, business has eased off a little and now I am panicking about the next few months."

"I am so busy again that I am struggling to keep up. I wish that I had taken some time off in the summer."

Engaging with numerous small business owners, over many years it is extremely common to hear these statements as the year progresses. Business owners are very familiar with the typical ebbs and flows of their business levels, yet when the expected quieter weeks arrive it can be very easy for owners to focus on the uncertainty and to lose sight of the opportunities that the slower weeks present.

It's an understandable reaction and the fears are genuine and varied. If owners can recognise the fears and confront and challenge them, maybe it could be a little easier to enjoy the quieter times.

Financial concerns are typically given as one of the main challenges in being able to relax. Quiet periods in business often mean reduced revenue and fewer customers, leading to concerns about meeting expenses, paying bills, or covering employees' salaries.

Uncertainty about the future can also make it difficult to unwind. Owners start to wonder if the slowdown is really temporary this time or indicative of larger problems. This uncertainty can lead to anxiety and a constant focus on finding new customers or ways to generate revenue.

Workload imbalance can disorientate owners who find themselves navigating a sudden shift from a hectic schedule to a slower pace. Founders often wear multiple hats, especially during busy periods and when business slows down, it can be challenging to adjust to a sudden decrease in workload.

Guilt or productivity pressure can make it difficult to fully relax and enjoy the downtime. Small business owners can feel guilty about taking time off during quiet periods as a sense of responsibility toward the business can compel owners to use every available moment to work on it.

Fear of missing out makes it challenging to take a step back. In competitive industries, small business owners can fear that their competitors are taking advantage of the quiet period to gain an edge.

Personal sacrifices become more evident as owners have the time to reflect on the extent of the significant personal time they have given to their business throughout the year.

These concerns can make it difficult to detach from work and enjoy a break.

However, shifting your perspective and embracing the annual quieter business weeks can bring numerous benefits to both owners and their businesses.

Building stronger customer relationships becomes achievable during quieter weeks. With a reduced workload, owners can invest more time in engaging with their existing customers, understanding their needs, and gathering feedback. This customer-centric approach allows owners to make improvements, enhance satisfaction, and foster loyalty.

Enhancing individual performance for busier times becomes more achievable as owners have the chance for evaluation and reflection allowing them to gain valuable insights into their business operations. It provides an opportunity to assess their strategies, identify areas for improvement, and make necessary adjustments.

Innovation and creativity become easier. With fewer immediate demands, owners can dedicate time and energy to exploring new ideas, products, or services.

Personal and professional development become realistic options with the time to upgrade skills, attend industry events, or seek out new knowledge. This continuous learning not only enhances a business owner's expertise but also positions them as a valuable resource within their industry.

And do.....

Take a Break: Disconnect from work, recharge your batteries, and enjoy quality time away from the business. It will help you maintain a healthy work-life balance and return with renewed energy.


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