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Company Owner

Independent Business Advisory & Coaching Firm

Kellie is a highly experienced business professional who brings her expertise and creative thinking to all projects and engagements.


She is very diligent and is a pleasure to work with.


I would recommend Kellie to anyone who is looking for business support.


With her breadth of experience and knowledge she can provide support to business owners in a variety of different ways and across a variety of topics.


I would recommend Kellie to anyone.

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Trade Director

International Trade & Development Firm

It was a great pleasure working with Kellie. She has provided us with very valuable information in a very short time and at a very reasonable fee. She will definitely be our first stop in our future projects.

Business Meeting


Boutique Strategy Consulting Firm

Went the extra mile to help us, where others could not.


Managing Director

Executive Search Firm

Kellie is an exceptional senior researcher, she has helped us map out very complex and niche market landscapes in huge detail to enable us to identify and headhunt industry-leading practitioners for our most demanding of clients. 


Kellie took our client mapping - which was already very good, to a new level of professionalism. 


Kellie is also a delight to work with, always upbeat and very focussed, I do not hesitate to recommend Kellie.

Modern Business Woman

Managing Director

Executive Search Firm

Fast, thorough, high quality and professionally presented mapping.

Cleaning Supplies


Small UK business

Truly hard-working, dedicated and professional. We always know that we can rely on you.

Empty Room


Small UK business

Such a simple solution to help me manage my quotations is going to save me hours of time and hundreds of pounds. This has to be the best £6 I have ever spent! Truly amazing!

Doctor Using Digital Tablet


Healthtech Start-up

Kellie has been very helpful to our company. We worked together for nearly 2 months.


What describes Kellie the best is quick agile learner, top quality professional communication, and spot on in identifying and mapping stakeholders.

App User


Healthtech Start-up

I've been working with Kellie on a recruiting project for the past couple of months.

Her work has been invaluable in helping me get my startup off the ground and she has made numerous vital introductions for me.

By listening and taking on board my feedback she very quickly homed in on what I was looking for to the point where, when she sends candidate lists, the vast majority are people that I want to speak to.

She is dependable and communicative, ensuring that I am kept up to date with the status of her efforts and it feels like she is keen to build a relationship throughout the process rather than just being a 'service for hire'.

Finally, in addition to this she has gone above and beyond to take an interest in my personal circumstances, further helping other causes important to me.

Anyone able to secure Kellie's services will be lucky to have them!



Information Services Start-up

We were regularly blown away by her diligence, thoughtfulness and capacity to do great work, whilst dealing with sometimes challenging situations or interactions.


Kellie possesses an exceptional combination of brilliant people skills, a commercial brain, very strong work ethic, attention to detail and an infallible sense of ethical and professional lines which makes her a delight to work with.

Market Analysis


Research Start-up

You have been invaluable in helping us to get started and are instrumental in our continued growth.

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