Support for Independent Consultants

Business Support

Taking on a project as a sole consultant requires commitment and time.


Dedicating time to your project can leave your business and personal life neglected.


Outsourcing your back office and domestic operations during a live project allows you to focus your time on your core expertise, whilst maintaining a healthy business and future project pipeline at the close of the project.

I can provide -

  • Executive Assistance

  • Personal Assistance

  • Back-office Support

  • Project Checks

  • Payments

  • Expenses

  • Business Development

  • Email Management

  • Invoicing

  • Quotations

Project Support

My clients often tell me that they took the decision to work independently to take back control over their work and to better their work-life balance.


The reality can often look a little different and some friendly, dedicated, and high-quality assistance as and when needed can add real value to the smooth and stress-free delivery of a project.


Consultants are hired due to their sector expertise, not because they are excellent note-takers or admin managers.


I can complement your skillset in completing the tasks that do not require your level of skill and knowledge, allowing you to focus on design and implementation.

I can provide - 

  • Employee Interviews

  • Surveys

  • Pathway to expert consultations

  • Note Taking

  • Project Management

  • Desk Research

  • Presentations

  • Transcriptions

  • Competitor, sector & market mapping


I have experienced the pressures of working independently and to tight deadlines. I understand the need for a helping hand, whilst balancing experience with cost and for those that you rely upon to have the flexibility and knowledge to satisfy more than one role.

Senior and multi-skilled support does not need to be beyond the reach and budget of an independent consultant. I am well connected and experienced in the global consulting sector, offering a full suite of consulting support services.

Whilst you are supporting your clients, I am supporting you and your business. 


No obligation free trial to test the fit against your needs.


Available whenever you could use an ad-hoc extra pair of hands to increase your bandwidth.


No retainers. No pre-payments. No minimum spend commitment.

Pay only for what you need, when you need it.


To keep things simple, ALL services are provided at the same highly competitive per minute rate.

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