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June 2020 - How I have been supporting clients

June has continued to be challenging for so many businesses, with some closing their doors for the final time. This has led to many of the recruitment and search firms that I work with inundated with new job hunters seeking to register with them, whilst open positions remain scarce. Little green shoots of positivity are working their way back into this sector though, and all of those that I have spoken with directly are starting to see opportunities for September vacancies.

I have continued to provide support wherever I can and have stretched my business to work with new clients and under new terms. I have not denied support to any client that needs it, and have always valued goodwill as equally as revenue. I have been happy to undertake projects in return for a simple testimonial for a job well done and will continue to do so whilst the future is looking a little uncertain.

I have also come to realise that whilst there is a plethora of information available on support for self-employed people or where to find a reliable freelancer, many sole-traders and small businesses are not aware that freelance support, or services provided remotely, covers much more than the traditional virtual assistant role. Whilst I am not the only provider of senior and multi-skilled freelance support, I should take some responsibility for not doing enough marketing work to get the message to those that could benefit from a helping hand every now and then. I am now actively trying to do this one conversation at a time.

So what have I been up to this month?

I have been working in support of start-ups and scale-ups for 5 years and whilst challenging at times, seeing a company flourish and fly is thrilling. Access to investment remains a priority for many start-ups and with deals and due-diligence being considered more carefully than ever before; founders find themselves increasingly in need of support to identify sources of funding.

I have been working with firms to support them in mapping investors and guiding them on how and when to approach an investor for funding. I have supported the preparation of pitch decks and executive summaries and ensured that public profiles are ‘investor ready’.

My research skills (typically (although not exclusively) used in the mapping of passive candidates for executive search briefs) have been redirected into reports for competitor & sector analysis, buyer profiling for target marketing, identifying tenders, and potential new revenue streams. I have worked with sole-traders, SMEs, and consulting firms in this capacity and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

In all of the uncertainty and challenges, it has been so lovely to ‘meet’ new people and chat through the support services available to them as they too navigate new ways working.

I would like to say a big thank you to all that have allowed me to support them and a special thank you to those that have been happy to chat and share positive news.

Always onwards!

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