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July 2020 - Time to focus on the positives

Over the last few weeks I have written about the difficulties of our current circumstances and whilst there are still tough times ahead I would like to focus on the positives.

Help remains available for those that need it, and many companies (including my own) are happy to make adjustments to their services and pricing to continue providing support.

It has been lovely to see the return of some executive search and recruitment clients and to hear that they are feeling more positive about Q4 and beyond.

Whilst the investment landscape has shifted, investors remain active and I have been delighted to introduce 3 fantastic start-ups to investment firms.

It has been nice to have the time to speak to new people. I have spoken with many sole traders and boutique firms who regularly found themselves overwhelmed and overworked, yet too busy to look for help. Having this time to introduce Complement to those that will need a helping hand in the future, has been invaluable.

An as and when needed extra pair of hands.

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