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  • Kellie Dodds

Freelance Researcher Support: Tailoring Solutions for Sole Trader TMT's Business Telephony Venture

Updated: Jan 20

Freelance Researcher supporting TMT firm

In March 2020, a Sole Trader in the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT) sector embarked on a mission to address the unmet needs of business telephony users. Determined to understand the customer journey's pain points and the buyer profile of potential clients, the sole trader sought a strategic solution.

Solution: Comprehensive Desk Research and Buyer Profiling

To unravel the typical frustrations and unmet needs of business telephony clients, a two-pronged approach was employed. I conducted desk research to identify pain points, while carrying out a meticulous assessment of the company and decision-makers buyer persona through buyer profiling.

Implementation: 40-Hour Trial for Strategic Insights (Free of Charge)

A dedicated investment of 40 hours, provided as a free trial, was allocated to this outsourcing initiative. During this time, the Sole Trader gained comprehensive insights into the challenges faced by business telephony users and a nuanced understanding of the buyer profile shaping the market landscape.

Result: Tailored Offerings and Precision in Marketing Strategy

Armed with valuable insights, the Sole Trader was able to tailor offerings that addressed the unmet needs of the target client base. Moreover, the frustrations of service users were proactively mitigated before they occurred. Buyer profiling empowered the client to structure their offering, copy, content, and marketing strategy to resonate with the correct audience, ensuring strategic alignment and market success.

By investing in comprehensive freelance researcher and profiling support, the firm not only honed its offerings but also crafted a targeted marketing strategy, showcasing how outsourcing can be a catalyst for informed decision-making and successful market positioning.


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