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  • Kellie Dodds

Thriving in turbulent times – Part One – Demonstrate your value

Many specialist Executive Search and Recruitment firm owners tell me that they have had a bumpy start to this year. Economic uncertainty has led to some companies scaling back their hiring plans and candidates are becoming less enthusiastic about considering new opportunities.

Business Development has become a more pressing need for those in the search and recruitment sector as has the hunt for industries that are experiencing growth, even in an economic downturn.

When new and repeat business does not hit the levels expected, it can be easy to forget the basics and lose a little confidence. Hopefully, this quick read can serve as a useful refresher to help us thrive in turbulent times.

How can you focus on and demonstrate your value in a cost-conscious market?

Understanding a Clients Business

It is imperative to fully appreciate and demonstrate a thorough understanding of a current and prospective clients business, including their mission, culture, and goals in order to tailor your approach and show your ability to fit a company’s unique needs with the right candidates and to encourage confidence in your value as a service provider.

Providing Industry Insights

You have a rich understanding of the current job market, industry trends, and the talent landscape and you should not be afraid to share this with your clients. It will help to position you as a trusted and respected advisor, demonstrating your value far beyond being called upon to fill only open positions.

Highlighting and celebrating your successes

Your successes are an excellent indicator of your value and ability to deliver even in the most challenging of markets. Share your success stories, case studies, and testimonials with pride.

Showing your genuine commitment to diversity and inclusion

Be mindful to highlight your commitment to diversity and inclusion in your approach, sourcing, and selection process. Diversity and inclusion are increasingly important to companies and recruiters who can assist their clients in building diverse and inclusive teams are highly sought after and respected.

Considering an offer of value-added services

Could you offer to provide your clients with salary benchmarking data (an increasingly popular request), provide training on hiring best practices or interviewing, could you help clients to develop their employer brand (another increasingly popular request)? Recruiters can demonstrate their value beyond filling open positions, with these additional services.


Showcasing your expertise and commitment to helping clients find the right talent, in addition to offering enhanced services, can help to differentiate your business in a crowded market.

Understanding a client's business, providing industry insights, highlighting your track record, showing your genuine commitment to diversity and inclusion, and offering value-added services can truly demonstrate your value to both current and prospective clients.

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