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Kellie Dodds

Director & Service Provider

What's my story?


I am a highly experienced and senior expert generalist and Founder of Complement – an as and when needed extra pair of hands for business owners and their teams who find themselves wearing too many hats from time to time.

I work alone and do not outsource any services. Complement clients enjoy direct support from me and benefit from my 25 years of international commercial and research experience.


I have developed skills covering multiple sectors and disciplines and I am happy to share my knowledge and experience providing support to –


Sole Traders and Small Businesses

Independent Recruiters
Executive Search Firms
Independent Consultants
Boutique Consulting Firms
Start-ups & Scale-ups


For SMALLER BUSINESSES I provide a full range of primary business functions from EA to the identification, negotiation, and award of multi-million-pound contracts.


FOR CONSULTING firms; in addition to primary business functions, I provide a tailored services to complement project delivery including expert consultations, primary and secondary research, transcriptions, and project management.


For RECRUITMENT and EXECUTIVE SEARCH firms; in addition to primary business functions, I provide a tailored service to complement the hiring process, including the mapping of passive candidates, candidate outreach, and management.


FOR START-UPS & SCALE-UPS; in addition to primary business functions, I provide a tailored service covering investment support.


I would love to tell you how I can do all of this


In my corporate life, I specialised in building departments from scratch - and when I say scratch, I do mean from zero. No budget, no staff, no clients, no research, no leads – just me, and I loved it!


If I needed a market researched, I did it myself. If I needed buyer profiling, I did it myself. Meetings to be arranged, I did it myself. I am sure that you get the idea. If I needed competitor analysis, sector mapping, lead generation, business development, contract negotiation, logistics…yep, I did it myself. Well, that is until each department started to grow and as we grew, we could hire staff (albeit I did that too) and when the department was up and running, I went back to starting again, from scratch to establish develop and scale a new profit-making commercial department.


I worked with departments with a turnover of £0 and left them with turnovers of £50 million +.

Why do I now work with smaller businesses and independents?


Quite simply, it is because these businesses are in the most need of a service like Complement.

Operations, research, business development, marketing, administration, credit control, a helping hand are all necessary for businesses to grow, succeed, and fly.


Smaller businesses and independents do not usually have the time or budget to engage or manage a service provider for all of these functions individually.


I believe that senior and multi-skilled talent with enough knowledge and experience to satisfy more than one role does not need to be beyond the reach and budget of smaller firms.


Actually, I know that it doesn’t, because it is exactly the service that I successfully provide.


How do I work with my clients?


I provide a no-obligation free trial.


I don’t ask for any retainers, pre-payment or minimum spend commitments.


Clients can dip into any of the support services that I provide as and when needed and for one minute at a time.


To keep things simple, I provide ALL support services at the same per-minute rate, below the real cost of a salaried employee.

What am I like?


Frankly, I am nice!


I am accommodating, flexible, and understanding.


I am also strong, determined, in your corner, and focused on getting the job done!


If you could use an extra pair of hands to provide high quality, multi-skilled, reliable, and cost-effective support from time to time, please do get in touch.


I never charge for a chat!

Please do feel free to book a no-obligation, pressure, and spend free chat via my online calendar.

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