Business People

Boutique Consulting Firm

International Trade Consultancy -  5 people

The firm needed to build a project team for a short term off-shore engagement.

The solution - research support to identify qualified freelance consultants operating in the destination country.

Time spent - 1 hour

The result - the Managing Partner was able to connect with the candidate consultants, introduce the opportunity and add three members to the project team. 

Business Team 2

Boutique Consulting Firm

Strategy Consultancy - 3 people

Whilst preparing a pitch for clients, the firm established that it would need external expertise to support the project if awarded.

The solution - research support to identify and reach out to interim consultants with the expertise to fill the gaps in the teams' internal knowledge.

Time spent - 5 hours

The result - The team was able to present a pitch to their clients, with the confidence that they would be able to deliver upon award.

Busy Presentation

Executive Search Firm

Global - 45 people

The team was working on multiple briefs, overwhelming consultants.

The solution - full mapping to identify potential candidates.

Time spent - 40 hours per brief

The result – the consultants were able to concentrate on client account management, business development, and contacting potential candidates to deliver on existing projects, whilst the mapping for the next project was taken care of, allowing them to move onto the outreach stage without delay.

Relaxed Businessman

Independent Headhunter

Legal & Finance

The headhunter relished the challenges and thrill of hunting, yet lacked the appetite for mapping and the presentation of maps to clients.

The solution - full mapping for each brief and preparation of interactive presentations for client meetings.

Time spent - 42 hours per brief

The result – the headhunter was able to focus on the elements of his work that benefitted from his specific level of expertise and enthusiasm, whilst working from mapping and presentations from someone with the same passion and expertise for this side of the headhunting process.


Independent Consultant


The consultant had just started on their independent journey and was quickly overwhelmed by the dual responsibility of working on a live project, whilst targeting new business.

The solution - research support to identify potential clients.

Time spent - 2 hours

The result – the consultant was able to concentrate and deliver on the project at hand, with minimal downtime in between projects.

Young Man in Glasses

Independent Consultant


The consultant needed to get up to speed on a specific topic in order to deliver suggestions for improvement to his retail client and lacked the budget and on-going demand to access support from an expert network.

The solutionidentification of experts in the field, willing to contribute knowledge and experience.

Time spent – 5 hours

The result – the consultant was able to speak with experts in the field gaining invaluable insights on the topic at hand.

Inspired Businessman

Independent Recruiter


During busy periods the consultant was finding it difficult to field calls from candidates with queries prior to client interviews, whilst also interviewing candidates for new roles and seeking new business.

The solution – support to troubleshoot and handle queries from candidates out for interview ensuring that candidates arrived in the right place, on time, and fully prepared for their interview.

Time spent – 0.5 to 2 hours

The result – the consultant was able to rely on support as and when they needed to increase their bandwidth.

Young Business Woman

Independent Recruiter


On occasion, the consultant was overwhelmed by the number of applications received per position and was unable to effectively screen each CV.

The solutionCV triage, presenting only the highest quality and most relevant CVs to the recruiter for immediate attention.

Time spent – 3 hours

The result – the consultant was able to focus her attention on the most promising candidates, submitting resumes to her client with speed.

Construction Worker


Civils Company - 3 people

The Founder was keen to expand their offering and secure public sector contracts.

The solutionresearch support, combined with tender and bid management support.

Time spent – 25 hours

The result – the Founder received a list of public sector tenders open for quotations and had the confidence to submit bids based on the advice and training received.

Responsive Website


Internet Company - 50 people

The CMO was overwhelmed by the number of emails and LinkedIn connection requests received on a daily basis, taking his focus away from his core responsibilities.


The solution – EA support to triage emails and connection requests, every morning prior to the CMO coming online.


Time spent – 15-30 minutes per day.


The result – CMO arrived at the office with an organised inbox and ready to start work on the main priorities of the day.

Marketing team meeting


Marketing Company - 150 people

During a period of growth and whilst seeking additional investment, the CEO needed support with diary management and meeting arrangements.

The solutionEA support to liaise with third parties in the arrangement and facilitation of meetings.

Time spent – 3 hours per month.

The result – outsourcing the tasks allowed to CEO to focus on activities more aligned with his own skillset.

Window Cleaner


Professional Cleaning Services - 20 people

The Director was wearing many hats, overwhelmed with a growing to-do list and needed ad-hoc support across multiple roles.

The solutionPick and mix support as and when needed, including – recruitment, staff management, client account management, payments, client relations, branding, research, tender management, and general administration.

Time spent – 8 hours per month

The result – the Director was able to operate in a focussed manner, relying on support as and when needed. Staff and clients felt a greater level of comfort in having immediate assurances and with a stable ship, the company was able to focus on new business development.



Marketing & Advertising Company - 3 people

The Founder needed to increase bandwidth to fulfill contractual obligations, whilst also building a future sales pipeline.

The solution – provision of assistance to build slide decks for a client campaign and research to build a list of potential clients to approach for future business.

Time spent – 40 hours

The result – the Founder delivered his existing contract on time and received repeat business, whilst also being able to focus on developing new business, without downtime in between contracts.

Digital social media


Social Media & Branding Company - 5 people

The Founder was having difficulty in covering existing business and focussing on building a sales pipeline for the future.

The solutionresearch support to identify and map a future client pool in the local area.

Time spent – 7 hours

The result – having research support allowed the founder to focus on sales.



Software Firm - 1000+ people

A software client was keen to understand how their product was meeting the needs of their users (and potential users).

The solution - an extensive search was undertaken, identifying 1166 individuals to speak with the client, of which the client spoke to a percentage in each geography.

Time spent - 120 hours


The result: the client gained a better understanding of the perception of their product in the market, across multiple geographies.

Digital social media


Software Company - 1000+ people

A financial software provider was keen to understand the unmet needs of finance professionals in various geographies.


The solution - mapping and outreach to finance professionals in various companies & geographies within a short time frame.


500 individuals were identified, of which the client spoke with a representative sample.

Time spent - 88 hours


The result - the client was able to understand the unmet needs of users in the field.



Operating Systems Firm - 1000+ people

An operating systems manufacturer was keen to assess the opinion of their product in the market.


The solution - 750 experts were contacted, of which the client spoke with a selected percentage.


Time spent - 70 hours


The result -  the client gained invaluable insights into their offering.

Digital social media


Software Company - 1000+ people

A software client was keen to identify and engage with potential new users of their platform.


The solution - Complement identified several hundred potential business users, established contact with each, and assessed the willingness of the decision-maker to continue discussions directly with the client. 

Time spent - 96 hours


The results  - a number of potential users were happy to be connected and the client placed their product with multiple users on a trial basis.

Accountant at Work

Sole Trader


Keen to focus on contract roles, the Actuary had little time or appetite to manage personal and administrative tasks

The solutionEA support covering business and personal tasks.

Time spent – 20 hours per month

The result – the director was able to concentrate on fulfilling contractual roles.

Carpenter Sawing

Sole Trader


The sole trader was concerned about the amount of time taken to produce accurate quotations and had made some errors when adding his margin to customer quotes.

The solution – Admin support to produce an excel template to automatically apply a standard % margin and VAT.

Time spent – 15 minutes

The result – time saved in creating all future quotations which were error-free.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet


Healthtech - Single Founder

The founder had an idea and a roadmap, however, was lacking a network of suitable contacts to test the concept, raise finance, and develop the early-stage technology to get the company off of the ground.​

The solutionresearch to develop a map of potential collaborators, backers, and developers with introductions made to the mapped individuals.

Time spent – 42 hours

The result – a route, and introduction to experts in the field allowed the founder to take the project from an idea to a business.

Brain Scans


Healthtech - 8 person founding team

A team of experienced medical practitioners, technologists, and data scientists seeking funding to build a pro-type for a machine-learning diagnostic solution.

The solution - research to map investors (angel & early-stage VCs), followed by initial outreach to establish connections. Preparation of crowd-funding copy, executive summary, and pitch-deck.  

Time spent – 5 hours per week

The result – the team was able to focus on their core expertise, working on only those tasks that truly benefitted from their direct involvement.

Coding Station


Information Services - 14 people

The founders were keen to focus on their core skillsets in expanding the business and proving the model without the distraction of day-to-day operational challenges.

The solution - provision of project management, remote staff management, operations, research, business development, client account management, credit control, and reporting as and when needed.

Time spent – 0 - 60 hours per week

The result – the client was supported with the required business functions as and when needed from inception to exit.

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